Diane Primo
Chairman and CEO
Jill Kocher Brown
Director of SEO
Jon Philips
Director, Analytics
Armed with a passion for problem solving and a knack for catching the small details that are often overlooked, Jon is the epitome of what we look for in a leader for our analytics department. He joined BFO in 2020 and became the Director of Analytics in 2023. Outside of his technical and problem-solving prowess, Jon is a passionate musician, record collector, and aspiring baker. He resides here in Chicago with his dog, Tim. He is a curious guy and his passion for learning drives him to succeed in what he sets his mind to.
Michael King
Ivan Lavazza
Director of Performance Marketing
Khalid Saleh
Will English IV
Tim Handorf
Emily Cimarusti
Senior SEO Specialist
Camille Fetter
Founder & CEO
Camille Fetter is the Founder and CEO of Talentfoot, an executive search firm that enables companies to accelerate revenue growth and drive innovation by helping them hire high-performance sales, marketing, and technology talent. A leader who is on a mission to change lives for the better, she founded Talentfoot in 2010 to help people find fulfillment through fulfilling work. Camille never stops thinking “What’s next?” and thrives on disrupting the status quo to fuel business growth. Believing that the right job has the power to change the trajectory of life, she rejected the one-size-fits-all approach to executive search. Her life mission is reflected in the firm’s mission to both enable and motivate people to find fulfillment through work they are passionate about and that sets them up for continued success in the new, blended workplace. As an executive recruiter for nearly 20 years, Camille has a track record of helping build difference-making leadership teams for high-growth organizations – from Series B-funded startups to private equity and venture capital, Fortune 50 brands, advertising and marketing agencies, and SaaS providers. Camille started her career in advertising where she realized that she was not fulfilled even though she loved the industry. She was introduced to executive search which came with the opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives, and soon recognized that digital business executive search had been her calling all along. Camille has a Bachelor of Science in advertising with a minor in technology, art, and media from the University of Colorado Boulder. She is a member of The Forbes HR Council, Chief, a network connecting women executive leaders, as well as YPO, a global leadership community for CEOs. Her expertise and insights on the future of work are featured in top business and digital business media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Digiday, Ragan's Workplace Wellness Insider, and Authority magazine, to name a few.