The Story of the Conference PopUp

Conference PopUp Story

The story, history, weird tale of how this idea came to be. Well, until the first and maybe second real Conference PopUp we argue this isn’t real. So what is Conference PopUp? It is a “new” type of conference – one you totally don’t expect or know about! The goal is to have 1-3 “PopUp Conferences” somewhere in the United States, Europe and/or Canada each year. Maybe we will have less but maybe we will have more- we shall see. Each event will be a bit different and sometimes you may get notice just days or weeks of a show and other times we may give you many months notice.

So onto your actual question – it is a mix of attending conferences for 15 years, speaking at them for 7 and somehow missing that another conference had a similar name to another Chicago based conference idea. By the time you read this I may still have the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Domain, etc. for a conference idea that has a name VERY similar to another much larger one. Totally my fault. I thought I looked under every rock but clearly I missed a big one right in front of me – so back to the drawing board really.

Then I got to thinking about traveling + remoters + masterminds + staying small + a bunch of other stuff you don’t really care about. One of my favorite things in attending conferences is seeing friends and meeting new ones. Along the way organically talking shop and learning happens at meetups and conferences. It also seems harder and harder to get away from the office for most so why not keep the pressure low on speakers, attendees and those of us trying to pull off the conference?

If we keep overhead low we can keep costs low and maybe it will work? Or fail miserably. We think it will fail but you never know unless you try right?

So that is the story, or whatever you wish to call it.

Hope to see you at an event or some other conference!

Dave Rohrer