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How Many Tickets Will There Be?

We expect every event to be slightly different as we will be in different spaces and cities (and maybe even countries). So the budget, timing, weather, location, and likely 10 other factors will determine if we only have 10 tickets or 100+. Our goal is to try and balance space size, ability of you all to network, and not losing money on a show.

Where Else Can I Get Answers to Additional Questions?

Well we can't answer or predict every question you might have so if you still have questions we think we know someone you should talk too. Head over to Ask 8 Ball and try your luck there.

When is the PopUp Conference?

Good question. We are planning one for PopUp Detroit in September. That is all officially for now! Signup for email alerts and we will let you and everyone know 1-2 weeks before it happens.

Who are the Speakers?

Again. We can't and won't say until we announce the event. Sometimes we will announce them all at the same time and sometimes they will trickle in for an event. It is likely that we will not even know until right before the event (people are busy these days it seems) for some.

When Will You Post the Agenda?

After we sell out. Or maybe we will post it after we email everyone. Often we will try and get it up as soon as we can like we are for Detroit. Like with the speakers, the agenda will likely be in flux right up until the event but once something and someone is on the Agenda we will try and not change anything (things can happen though).

What Will the Conference Typically Cost?

Our goal is to make it as cheap as possible. We aren't looking to buy a new car with whatever fees we charge. We also don't want to have to have 10 sponsors and make you listen to product pitches. In a perfect world the cost would be FREE but our goal is to keep it under $25. So our goal is to not have 10 sponsors but we are all for having a few! If you are interested in being a host or sponsor for a city do let us know.

Detroit Conference

Detroit Sponsors

Sponsor: YOTPO
Sponsor: DeepCrawl
Sponsor: NorthSide Metrics
Sponsor: The Business of Digital Podcast
Sponsor: WTFSEO