Did you still have questions that the event page didn’t answer? Hopefully this FAQ answers it, but if not please contact us and let us know what additional questions you have.

  1. I bought a ticket and now I cant go. What can I do? Can I get a refund?

    Tickets are non-refundable/non-cancellable and not eligible to be used towards future events. You have until 3 business days prior to the event to transfer the ticket to another person.

  2. Is the venue fully accessible?

    Every event is different, but one of our goals is to always find a venue that is fully accessible. If you are unsure about a specific venue for a specific event we encourage you to reach out to the venue is you are not 100% sure based on the description on the event page.

  3. Why did the schedule or speaker change?

    We reserve the right to make last minute changes when needed. Things happen, weather, planes, family events and just things outside of our control and that of our speakers. Please know that once the schedule is set we try and make as few changes (if any) as possible.

  4. Will there be a recording available? Can I record audio or visuals of a session?

    We ask that attendees do not record the sessions or panels.